Chocolate Almond Truffles

Chocolate Almond Truffles

These truffles couldn't be easier to make and are a great treat when having friends over or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Almond butter is so delicious and creamy — which makes an amazing base for these treats. Dipped in dark chocolate these really are a healthy alternative to tuck into over Christmas (and not feel like you're missing out).

Nuts have an endless list of health benefits so don't be afraid to make these a staple part of your diet. Almonds are rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese. They’re also full of B vitamins which are essential for converting our food into fuel and giving us energy. Plus like all nuts they’re full of heart-healthy unsaturated fats. So even though they’re high in calories, eating nuts is linked with lower rates of heart disease and a even a smaller waistline — thanks to the fat-burning amino acid arginine! Chocolate really can be GOOD for you. But you'll see in most of our recipes that we always use 85-90% dark chocolate. This is because it's the high cocoa content that's incredibly nutritious. It's packed full of antioxidants meaning it fights off free radicals and lowers your risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. It’s also a great source energy-boosting caffeine and theobromine. 



  • 250g almond butter (you can use any nut butter of choice)
  • 2.5 TBSP maple syrup
  • 1.5 tsp vanilla extract
  • 50g dark chocolate (the higher cocao % the better)
  • Handful of roasted flaked almonds

*Makes 14 large truffles or 20 small truffles



  • Add the almond butter, maple syrup and vanilla to a bowl and stir well. 
  • Once mixed, roll the mixture into little balls. If the mixture is too runny you can add a little coconut flour to make it easier to roll.
  • Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie. Once melted, dip the top half of the balls in the chocolate.
  • Now, sprinkle the flaked almonds over the truffles and leave to set in the fridge for ~30 minutes.