Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher are a delicious treat and even better when they're full of healthy nutritious ingredients! These are great with a cup of coffee or as a surprise at the end of a dinner party.


  • 1 jar of Notella (recipe here)
  • ~ 12 whole hazelnuts (skins removed)
  • 50g chopped hazelnuts
  • 75g dark chocolate (we used 85%)


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  • Roast the chopped and whole hazelnuts for ~5 minutes.
  • If you have just made the Notella put it in the fridge/freezer for a few minutes to cool down.
  • Using your hands, surround each hazelnut with some Notella. You may want to wet your hands as it makes it less sticky and it's easier to form a ball.
  • Roll the balls in the chopped hazelnuts.
  • Place the balls in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  • Melt the dark chocolate using a bain-marie.
  • Cover the balls in dark chocolate and place on parchment paper.
  • Leave the chocolates to set in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Nutritional Info: 


  • Rich source of minerals – contains high levels of manganese, copper, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc.
  • Very rich in Vitamin E, a fat soluble compound with distinctive antioxidant properties. Vitamin E protects cells from the damaging effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The body produces ROS when fat is converted to energy but vitamin E can stop their production. Vitamin E also plays a role in increasing blood vessel dilation.
  •  Contains a variety of flavonoids which may support brain health and improve circulation. Also thought to reduce symptoms associated with allergies.
  • Rich in an unsaturated fat called oleic acid. Oleic acid may lower ”bad” LDL cholesterol and raise ”good” HDL cholesterol.
  • Good source of dietary fibre. Fibre is important for digestive health and may also help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancer.

Dark Chocolate

  • The higher the cocoa solids the better the benefits. We always use 85% cocoa solids and make sure to compare brands to buy the one with the lowest sugar content.
  • Rich source of minerals including iron, copper, magnesium and manganese.
  • Rich in a variety of antioxidants which fight oxidative stress and may help improve your immune function.
  • Also a good source of caffeine and theobromine which helps to fight fatigue and drowsiness.